Self-Hosted Subscribe Form

If you wish to promote as an affiliate, you may simply drive traffic to our signup page using the affiliate link provided on your My Account page.

However, you may prefer to sell directly from your own sites. If you wish to do this you can host a signup form. This form will appear on your site like it does on

To achieve this, all you need to do is copy and paste a signup form tag onto your web page anywhere between <body> and </body>.

One such tag was created for you when you signed up. You can find it on your My Account page near the bottom of the page:

It is called “Default” initially, but you can rename it to whatever you wish by simply typing over the word Default and then clicking Update Affiliate Info. You can create additional tags by clicking the plus sign to the right. You can then rename all of your signup form tags as you wish. Signups and conversions will be recorded as they would for any of your links. You will be able to see statistics for your signup forms in the Affiliate campaign:

Each of your signup forms will post your affiliate pixel code back to our servers so you are sure to get paid.


Before you can use your hosted form, you need to register the domain you are using with To do this, go to your My Account page, scroll down to the Affiliate area and add the domain where it says Hosted Signup Form Domains. If you fail to take this step, our servers will not recognise your domain and your hosted form will not work.

In the above example, any hosted signup form tag may be hosted on or

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